Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and this March, we are highlighting many amazing women who have made a tremendous impact on our world!  Daisy Coleman Daisy was a sexual assault advocate who starred in the 2016 documentary, Audrie and Daisy. This powerful documentary explores Daisy’s experience of sexual assault at a party when she was 14 years old. After the assault and trial, Daisy attended Missouri Valley College. As she began healing from her own assault and PTSD, Daisy began to advocate for others with similar experiences. Daisy and her brother, Charlie, began to advocate all around America for sexual assault survivors. Daisy co-founded an organization called SafeBae (Before Anyone Else). SafeBae is a non-profit organization working towards their goal of ending sexual assault in schools around the country. Daisy used her experiences to help advocate for survivors around the country, and she has inspired so many others to do

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What is Empathy and Why is it Important as an Advocate?

Empathy is an important trait that is absolutely crucial not just for victim advocates to possess, but for anyone trying to be supportive towards their friends, family, or loved ones who are going through tough times or experiencing some form of hardship. So what exactly is empathy? Empathy can be described as the ability to understand and share someone else’s feelings, or as the expression goes, to “walk a mile in their shoes.” Empathy is more than simply being sympathetic towards someone’s pain. To truly be empathetic means to feel more than just sorry for those who share their feelings with you, but to also connect with their pain and recognize their struggle in some capacity as well. Being empathetic, like all things, takes practice. Here are a few tips to help you become a more empathetic person: Actively listen more than you speak Listen to understand and offer support

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Hispanic Alliance-A Force in the Community

There is no arguing that COVID has created numerous challenges for us as a nation, as an agency, and as individuals. Many of the survivors we serve have especially felt the impact of COVID in their own lives and families. Many families who (prior to COVID) struggled to pay their bills and put food on the table found these tasks increasingly more difficult once COVID hit. Many survivors, like many other Americans, found themselves out of work or working very limited hours. This proved to be a challenge for our agency as well.  When people are worried about having their basic needs met, they have a more difficult time processing the trauma they experienced. We as an agency needed to do more for our survivors, but we were limited in what we could do. That’s where other incredible agencies such as the Hispanic Alliance came in. Hispanic Alliance (La Alianza)

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La Alianza- Una Fuerza en Nuestra Comunidad

Nadie puede discutir que la llegada de COVID-19 ha creado numerosos problemas en el mundo, nuestro país, y la comunidad en general. Muchísimos de nuestros clientes, al igual que sus familias, han sentido el impacto de COVID-19 en sus vidas. Antes de COVID-19, muchas familias ya estaban esforzándose pagar las cuentas mensuales, y poner comida en la mesa para alimentar a sus niños. Con la llegada de COVID-19, estos esfuerzos se duplicaron. Muchos de los sobrevivientes con los que trabajamos, al igual que muchos otros americanos, perdieron sus trabajos, o las horas de trabajo disminuyeron. Este también fue un desafío para nosotros, como agencia. Cuando las personas que han pasado por situaciones traumáticas están preocupadas por satisfacer sus necesidades básicas, se les hace más difícil pensar y procesar el trauma que experimentaron. Nosotros como agencia necesitábamos hacer más por nuestros sobrevivientes, pero teníamos límites con respecto a lo que podíamos

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