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1st Day of SAAM 2020

April 1, 2020

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a time to raise awareness and engage in conversations about sexual violence, ways to prevent it, and the resources available to survivors and their loved ones for healing. The current state of the world and our communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge and opportunity to raise awareness during this year’s SAAM. While our in person events have been canceled, we are still committed to celebrating the month and will continue to offer our services and support to survivors.

This year’s SAAM theme is “I Ask.” In keeping with the theme, there are a few requests we would like to ask of you:

I Ask that you follow Rape Response on social media. Our Instagram and Facebook pages will have daily posts highlighting our services; sharing ways you can be involved; offering words of encouragement for survivors and their loved ones; and opportunities to enter to win prizes!

I Ask that you participate in our Change for Change fundraiser. Collect your spare change in a bag or jar throughout the month and return it to us when it’s full! Every penny makes a difference at Rape Response. With your change, we can make a positive change in survivors’ lives.

I Ask that you tell someone about Rape Response. Although we have served this community for 32 years, there are still so many who don’t know our agency exists. With statistics of 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men having experienced sexual assault at some point in their lives, there are many survivors in our community in need of support.

I Ask that if you are a survivor, remember you are not alone. This time of uncertainty and fear in the world can trigger a trauma response, making an already challenging experience even harder. We know, too, that this time has brought extra hardships on many individuals and families lacking food, childcare, jobs, stable housing, medical or mental health care and many are currently in unsafe situations, unsure of where to turn when every place is closed. We are here for you. Our Advocates are available 24/7, ready to listen, provide nonjudgmental support and offer resources to help you through this time and on your healing journey.

To speak with an Advocate, call our 24/7 crisis line at (770) 503-7273. Find us on Instagram @raperesponse or on Facebook as RRI – look for our sunshine logo!


April 1, 2020


Rape Response