What is a Crisis Intervention?

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention can look like many different things for different people. Advocates provide various ways of meeting with survivors, such as phone or face-to-face sessions, as well as Zoom meetings to accommodate those who may not be comfortable meeting in-person. As staff, we want to cater to the needs of the survivor at all times, especially during a crisis intervention. Sometimes this looks like an advocate sitting and actively listening to the words, needs, and wants of the survivor. Other times it can look like an advocate providing support, comfort, and resource referrals to the survivor when the thoughts and feelings of the survivor may be hard to communicate. Although our Advocates are not licensed counselors, they are trained specifically in victim services and have tools to help survivors feel uplifted and cared for during some of the hardest moments of their lives. It doesn’t matter if an assault happened yesterday or 10 years ago; our advocates will continue to walk alongside those who have been affected by sexual abuse/assault. If you would like more information about crisis interventions, call 770-503-7273 to speak with an Advocate.