Who are we and how can we help?

Who are we? What are we about? How can we help? These are all questions that we get pretty often here at Rape Response, and today we’re here to answer these questions.

Who are we?

We are the sexual assault center for six counties in Northeast Georgia. We can provide advocacy, education, and support to anyone ages 13 or older who have experienced any form of sexual violence. Many people think that because of our name we can only provide services to survivors of rape, but we can provide services to anyone affected by any form of sexual violence. We serve people who have experienced anything from sexual assault or harassment to sexting and human trafficking. It doesn’t matter if the incident happened 10 minutes ago, 10 months ago, or 10 years ago. We can provide support to you regardless of when it happened.

What are we about?

We are all about helping survivors along their healing journeys by providing non-judgmental support and options. We recognize that each survivor’s circumstances are different, and so we tailor our services the best we can to provide the best support for each survivor. The survivors are the heroes, the warriors, and the fighters. We are here merely to provide support along their journey.

How can we help?

So you know who we are and what we’re about, but how can we help? Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to dive into some of our free & confidential services, but if you want to know more now, click the link below!